A Star is Born: Bradley Cooper

A Star is Born: Bradley Cooper

Now most people would be saddened when they hear that the movie they directed after pouring all their sweat into it did not get them an Oscar nod.

But not Bradley Cooper. He just feels embarrassed because his efforts lacked somewhere. Like, seriously?

‘A Star is Born’ actor/director Cooper laid out his feelings when talking to television powerhouse Oprah Winfrey in her SuperSoul Talks at Times Square in New York a few days ago.

The movie is the fourth remake of the 1939 film by the same name and Bradley was told by people not to make this movie. They all thought that remaking this movie would be ‘career suicide’ for him. But Bradley was spurred on to make this movie because he heard all these detractors.

A Star is Born: Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper | A Star Is Born

The end result? Multiple nominations at the Golden Globes, BAFTAs and the Oscars. And multiple wins too. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper who co-produced and wrote 19 of the 34 songs and co-starred in the movie, have been nominated for Oscars for their acting performances as well.   

Bradley Cooper, the family man

Cooper, who has a two-year-old daughter with his girlfriend Irina Shayk, was lauded for his direction of the movie and many critics have said that he has successfully ‘redefined masculinity’ in his movie.

Bradley Cooper, the family man
Bradley Cooper and Daughter

While talking to Oprah at the SuperSoul Talks, Cooper admitted that this turn of events happened because he witnessed the death of his father, up close and personal.

“Growing up, I idolized my Uncle. So when my grandfather passed away, I saw him and my father take in the news without shedding a tear and just expressing their grief by squeezing each others’ shoulders. And that broke my heart. And that is something I wanted to change in my characters,” he told Oprah.

Cooper says that his father’s death in 2011 changed his life overnight. “I became a new man and changed almost every aspect of my life then. I have never looked back since,” he told Oprah in the same interview.

Cooper’s tumultuous career path

Though Cooper was once one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood post the commercial success of ‘The Hangover’ trilogy, the trajectory of his career path reads like a very shaky line chart.

A Star is Born: Bradley Cooper
Scene from ‘The Hangover’

Cooper first hit the ground running and gained acclaim for his role in the television series Alias where he starred opposite Jennifer Garner. In films, his first acclaimed role was a supporting role in ‘Wedding Crashers’ which starred Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams and Isla Fisher.

His breakthrough performance came in Todd Phillips’ first ‘The Hangover’ movie that released in 2009. The movie was a critical and commercial success though it did not lead to Cooper winning any awards.

However, Cooper did not garner much critical acclaim till he starred in 2011’s Limitless and only later went on to become the tenth actor in history to win three back to back Oscar nominations when he got nominated for his role in American Sniper.

Before the release of A Star is Born, Cooper’s last out and out critical and commercially successful performance came in David O Russell’s dark comedy, American Hustle.

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