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Top Feuds Between Donald Trump And Other Celebrities That Almost Broke The Internet

Mr. Trump is more or less one of the most controversial presidents in the history of the United States. Even with his large fan base, he still has a lot of critics that stay on standby, critically analyzing anything he says and does. Trump doesn’t take the jabs without putting up a fight. This is why he has been nicknamed a “counterpuncher”. Anytime he receives harsh criticism, he fires back ten folds. In 2019, Trump and many public figures had feuds caused by several disagreements about his work ethics and personality. This is a list of the most trendy feuds between Trump and other celebrities that almost broke the internet.

Trump Vs. Everyone Else: Confrontations That Almost Broke The Internet

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger Vs. Donald Trump

Arnold Schwarzenegger aka The Terminator is one of the many celebrities that had a confrontation with Trump. In July, the former governor of California was called out by Trump after replacing him as a guest host on “The Celebrity Apprentice”. During an event in the White House, Trump jokingly said that The Terminator was “dead”. In reply, The Terminator asked Trump to provide his “tax return”. The conversation quickly blew up on Twitter with fans taking opposite sides.

2. Robert De Niro Vs. Donald Trump

Trump and the Irishman haven’t seen eye to eye since Trump was elected. On more than one occasion, Robert De Niro threw shades at Trump and his administration. The most significant vocal attack against Trump came when Niro used the f-word on Trump during the Tony Awards. After watching the video, Trump said that the Irishman has “a very low IQ and may have been punch-drunk” when he made the statement. Despite Trump’s response, Robert De Niro didn’t hold back from using abusive words when referring to Trump during an interview with The New York Times.

3. Taylor Swift Vs. Donald Trump

America’s sweetheart, Taylor Swift is also among the celebrities who attacked during an interview. She said that Trump has a habit of “gaslighting the American public”. However, Trump didn’t respond to this tweet directly. His last direct reply to Swift’s criticism was in 2018 when he said that he likes “Taylor’s music 25% less”. When she accused Trump of not responding to a petition on, the White House counselor Kellyanne Conway responded directly to Swift referring to her support of Sen. Marsha Blackburn.

4. Bill Maher Vs. Donald Trump

HBO’s Bill Maher is another strong critic of Trump. Following the mass shooting at El Paso, Maher said that none of the patients who were admitted to the hospital after the shooting will be willing to meet Trump. In response, Trump said that he watched Maher’s show by accident and it was full of so many lies. He said that he visited many patients in the hospital and they were happy to see him. In response, Maher asked Trump “how do you see a television s

how by accident?”

These are just a few of the numerous feuds Trump had with celebrities on and off Twitter over the last 12 months. In the coming year, we can only expect more vocal confrontations between Trump and other public figures.