Kingdom Hearts III Review and Complete Guide

Kingdom Hearts III Review and Complete Guide

In the early years, there were a few swings taken at the creation of a game using Disney properties. Most of those video games ranged anywhere from unplayable in order to mediocre as far as quality goes. Then in 2002, Square Enix released Kingdom Hearts onto the PS2.

Disney gamers and fans celebrated as they finally had a video game with all their favorite Disney characters. Thus far, there have been a total of 9 Kingdom Hearts video games, and here in 2019, Square Enix stands composed to release a new title to the gaming public.

Did you already pre-order your Kingdom Hearts III copy?

Are you ready to get start a new adventure with Sora and the gang? Here we help you on your journey. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about KH3.

What to look for when playing

The game Kingdom Hearts serves as a huge collection of all your favorite things. Since it contains content from movies, shows, games, and digital shorts alike there is bound to be a thing. As we find all of these cool content in Kingdom Hearts III we’ll make sure it’s includes to this section of the Ultimate Guide so you can be sure you won’t miss out anything.

Cooking in Kingdom Hearts III

Cooking has been brought to KH3 via the means of a wonderful mini-game. We could not be excited to show you how it works. Here are all the details we have collected for you when it comes to making delicious food at the Bistro with Little Chef Remi. You just need to find the ingredients and get to the kitchen

Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay Mechanics

Kingdom Hearts III Review and Complete Guide

Whenever it comes to new role-playing video games there are always new mechanics to learn. Even with a popular series like Kingdom Hearts, there will always be new content with each new release. We want to make sure the curve is as smooth as it possibly could be so we have calm this bit of information for you to check out.

Elaboration on Gameplay

Kingdom Hearts III Review and Complete Guide

Kingdom Hearts III features a blend of all the combat mechanics that were presented in each previous game. Key-blades cut enemies down with ease and magic is still here to help you rapidly dispel waves of enemies. However, we will also be seeing new mechanics including link attacks, character summons, keyblade changes, attractions, and more.

Here’s a quick rundown:

Link Attacks: this brings your friends into the fray, but instead of being there as a helper they will execute a more powerful attack with Sora.

Character Summons: You can call to help on one of your Disney or Pixar friends to fight together with you for a short time.

Keyblade Changes: Along with your keyblade’s abilities and combos, you can change the keyblade after hitting a series of uninterrupted attacks. The temporary changes unlock a wealth of new attacks as abilities.

Attractions are flashy, big abilities that show out like rides you’d see at Disneyworld and Disneyland. For example, you can call something like a water ride to splash through a lot of foes.

The game will also be other gameplay mechanics that may be unique to certain sequences. For instance, Sora can take control of robot Gigas at Toy Box in order to help him get around the store and fight enemies.

Players will get more powerful as the game goes on with the leveling system that should raise your power, total health, mana pool, and offer new skills. Not just Sora getting this treatment, all your mainstay companions have their own experience to grow.

Kingdom Hearts III Characters

Kingdom Hearts III Review and Complete Guide

Another critical part of the Kingdom Hearts series has characters. It is irrefutably exciting about running into some of your favorite Disney denizens though you progress through a Kingdom Hearts game.

Although your main characters will remain steadfast “Sora” and the gang is back, there are some additions. With the addition of the above-mentioned worlds, it should come as no surprise that we’ll see end up crossing paths with their related characters. You’ll certainly be seeing Buzz, Woody, and the glutton of other toys living in Andy’s room for the Toy Story sections.

Alongside mainstays such as Donald Duck, Goofy, and Mickey Mouse, all of whom have proven to be valuable comrades for Sora over the years.

Kingdom Hearts III Game Worlds

Kingdom Hearts III Review and Complete Guide

Some of the KH worlds that have been selected for inclusion in Kingdom Hearts 3 include Twilight Town, Mount Olympus from Hercules, Tangled, Monsters Inc, Andy’s House from Toy Story, and even San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6.

With Disney owning about every existing IP under the sun there does not seem to be several worlds left that are not within their reach. However, everything specifies that all the worlds tapped for presence will remain those who lie under the Disney Umbrella and some from underling Pixar.

While KHIII is not a traditional open-world video game, Square Enix has a clear goal to increase the capacity and scope of each world. Some of these world’s levels are the most expansive we have ever seen in a Kingdom Hearts video game. You’ll feel the scale at places like Toy Box in the Toy Story world, or Mount Olympus over in Hercules’ corner.

Despite the bigger size, Square Enix manages to make each world with the level of detail that will make you feel like you are in the theater and watching your favorite movies all over again. It’s this nice balance of scope that gets you excited into Disney’s magical kingdom once more.

What’s your Favorite Part?

In its long history, Kingdom Hearts has done a great stellar job of taking the elements that work and adding new ones. Like a wine, Kingdom Hearts has gotten better with age.

What do you want to see in KH3? What’s your favorite part that you’ve seen so far? What are the burning questions?