CBD oil

CBD oil

When Should You Suspend The Use Of CBD And Other Hemp Derivatives

Of course, everyone deserves to enjoy good health. But the truth remains that all humans cannot respond to a particular product in the same way. While CBD may be great for many people, it may sometimes not yield the desired result in a few others. If you have tried using CBD because of the many testimonies you have heard from those who have used it but realized that it did not serve the purpose for which you bought it, you may have to suspend its use. How do you know it’s time to do so? Consider the following;

1) When Taking Possibly Counteractive Medication

If you have been placed on medication by your physician, it is always advisable to talk to him first before you begin using any CBD infused product. If however, you had begun the use of CBD before you were placed on the medication but noticed thereafter that the symptoms got worse, you may want to suspend the use of CBD and focus on the medication that has been prescribed for you. The reason being that not every medication is compatible with CBD. But if you discontinue the use of CBD and realize that there are no improvements, then you should see your doctor and discuss your concerns. The medical professional may have to adjust your current medication or place you on a completely different one. If your doctor changes your medication, make sure you talk to him about the CBD product that you have been taking and if you are advised to put a hold on its use, do just so.

2) Increase In Side Effects

There are a few side effects associated with the use of CBD but they are often not life-threatening. It is worthy of note, however, that only a few CBD users experience these side effects. If you are one of those users who is currently dealing with this, then you should always watch out for drugs with known side effects. If you are aware of any drug that makes you uncomfortable after use, suspend CBD for the period that you will be taking the medication. The last thing you need when you are ill is multiple side effects from products that are supposed to bring relief.

3) Loss of Appetite

The use of CBD can cause some to have a dry mouth, making it hard for you to eat especially when you are sick. If you are looking to gain weight after an unwanted weight loss, the use of CBD might not be a good idea if you end up with a dry mouth each time. You need something to boost your appetite not something to make food less appetizing. You can resume your use of CBD when you have gained the level of weight you desire.

4) Drowsiness

One of the side effects of CBD for some people is drowsiness but only a few have complained about this. If you often feel drowsy, lightheaded or confused whenever you take CBD, then it’s a sign that you should suspend its use until you find out why that happens. But keep in mind that CBD oil makes most people alert and attentive. If you doze off each time you take CBD, you can choose to wait until you are home and have no plans to drive, cook

or tend to a child.

It is important to remember that everyone’s body is not expected to react to CBD in the same way. Talk to your doctor about your use of CBD and follow the instructions given.