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Crack Down On The Use Of CBD in Pet Treats Intensifies From The Department Of Agriculture

In South Carolina The department of agriculture in South Carolina has intensified its crackdown on the manufacturers of pet treats who add CBD to the mix. According to the press release, these businesses are illegally selling cannabidiol and hemp in pet products. Part of the statement from Austin Therrell, the feed coordinator of the department, is as follows;”We have noticed an influx of pet products in the market. There is confusion about these ingredients because they lack regulations for hemp-derived products in pet treats at this time”.

Normally, there is a scientific review done on ingredients used for producing pet feed. This review is done by the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine before the distribution of the product. However, CBD and hemp are not among the reviewed products. In South Carolina, David Bulick, an old-time farmer said that figuring out what is and what isn’t allowed is confusing. He said that he and other farmers are trying hard not to cross the lines by adding illegal substances to their produce. Right now, no books are containing concrete regulations that have been set up by the state of the federal government.

According to Bulick, he used the products on his dogs and the result was good. This is why he recommended it to other pet owners. He said that the product helps the dogs with anxiety. Unfortunately, the SCDA has already started making plans to send out a formal letter to these pet food manufacturer


Now, the producers will have two options. On the one hand, the producers can decide to reformulate their products and remove the hemp derivatives. On the other hand, they can decide to send a formal registration to the department requesting to include the CBD ingredients in their products. At this time, the SCDA isn’t considering the numerous benefits of CBD oil in pet treats.