DLC of Kingdom Hearts 3 intended, Will Latest Final Fantasy worlds here for KH3?

Recently, it has been announced by the director of Kingdom Hearts 3 Nomura that they might get DLC. Nomura also said in the Famitsu article that the developers of this game want to make bigger gameplay rather than sell in-game substances.

Size and cutscenes of the Game

According to the Famitsu article, Nomura is anxious about how the developers of Kingdom Heats 3 are revolving more cutscenes into movies to decrease load times within the game. She is also upset about the size of the game. Kingdom Hearts 3 was not postponed for development issues, but rather as a consequence of “favorable circumstances for various related parties.”

New Worlds here

Pirates of the Caribbean and t

he frozen worlds were also discussed in some of the new worlds. During the proceedings of the third movie, Pirates of the Caribbean will get situate, and during the measures of famous animated film, the frozen world takes place. During of the Twilight Town, players will meet Remy from the film Ratatouille where they will make dishes to enhance sure stats.

Too much for Fans

Here is a lot in store and more & more in bundle for fans by the development team for Kingdom Hearts 3. While according to Nomura, the main story is our main focus. On the possible areas or worlds, the fans of Square Enix will definitely have fun speculating which could get insert with any forthcoming DLC. Kingdom Hearts 3 introduced in January 29, 2019 that is for Xbox One and PS4, and the source is Gematsu.