Fortnite: Battle Royale Lunar New Year Event Announced Soon

Fortnite’s Lunar New Year event announced soon

According to update found on the Chinese Fortnite website, the in-game characters decked up in Lunar New Year outfits. Bottle rockets have been dotted in-game communication of the day section too. All the hints confirm that the Fortnite Lunar New Year event is on the way. Last year’s lunar event explain every edition of the game that receives a 50% discount with Save the World players getting Chinese New Year characters and weapons. The updated battle royale mode got treasure shrines. The game player won’t be surprised to see some new additions to the Fortnite around the Chinese New Year when the game’s next update hits at 8 am ET.

Fortnite 7.30 Update

With the Fortnite 7.30 update comes a host of yet to be revealed Fortnite skins. While Epic Games company is yet to reveal all Fortnite skins that found in the new update that hasn’t stopped dataminers from finding what you can expect from the battle royale game in the weeks to come aside from 60 Hz on choice Android models, controller support for both iOS and Android, and a slew of Nintendo Switch fixes that should lead to a less crash-prone game.

According to game Insider, these items should appear in the Fortnite Item Shop in coming weeks that depends on Epic not removing the content. The release date is unknown at the moment.

According to Epic Games employee post on the Fortnite sub-reddit, there a slew of optimizations for the game on Nintendo’s console with new update 7.30. These include well-organized memory allocation to prevent crashes and an increased texture pool size in order to reduce blurry textures, and an enhanced resolution on the Nintendo Switch as well.