New Mexico's Hemp Industry Flourishes A Year After Hemp Production Was Legalized In The State

New Mexico's Hemp Industry Flourishes A Year After Hemp Production Was Legalized In The State

New Mexico’s Hemp Industry Flourishes A Year After Hemp Production Is Legalized In The State

The hemp industry in New Mexico is reportedly growing as Rich Global Hemp, one of the largest industrial hemp producers in the state and other companies increase production. In 2019 when hemp production was legalized at the federal level, states like New Mexico gave farmers approval to grow hemp for commercial purposes.

Rich Global Hemp began operations at its Las Cruces facility, a 1 million-square-foot warehouse that had been abandoned in Mesilla Park. In less than one year of its establishment, the company had sold 1.2 million immature plants to New Mexico farmers. Rich Global Hemp is one of the largest hemp growers in New Mexico and it boasts of over 100 workers. These employees check irrigation lines, repot immature plants and tend to the tens of thousands of cannabis plants that are grown indoors.

The state and city incentives given to Rich Global Hemp helped in the growth of the company and it has said that it plans to sell between 6 to 10 million immature plants in 2020. The head of cultivation for Rich Global Hemp, Ricardo Berroteran revealed that they are happy about the progress they have made so far. “We are hopeful that this next season will be pretty cool,” he said. Apart from Rich Global Hemp, New Mexico is home to many other companies that grow hemp.

In 2019 alone, the Department of Agriculture inNew Mexico issued more than 400 hemp cultivation licenses. This number exceeded the forecast of the agency. The division director for the state Agriculture Department, Brad Lewis said: “We weren’t expecting many to be interested in commercial hemp production in the first year of legalization.” Most of those who began production in 2019, described the year as one of trial and error. There were several challenges that growers had to deal with and some of these entrepreneurs got discouraged along the line.

Many of the hemp growers had to find the right strain of hemp that could survive New Mexico’s weather. They also faced the challenge of complying with state regulations and looking for people who would buy their products. New Mexico officials said that some hemp growers struggled to get seeds and immature plants in time and as a result, they did not make any harvest last year. Even with these challenges, New Mexico’s hemp industry is believed to have an edge over other States.

Hemp growers and state officials say that there is potential for growth especially in the southern half of the state where lands are relatively cheap. Experts say that in 2020, New Mexico’s hemp industry will contribute around $2 billion in hemp sales nationwide. It is with this hope of a brighter future for New Mexico hemp industry, that more and more hemp production companies are springing up in

the state.

Rich Global Hemp has said that it wants the hemp industry in New Mexico to boom. “It will create jobs in the area and boost the state’s economy. It is also good for the culture,” Berroteran said.The state’s legal framework for hemp production was approved last spring in compliance with federal regulations. So far, it has led to the establishment of many hemp production companies in the state. The framework came after Colorado and Oregon have legalized hemp production. States like Texas and Wyoming are hoping to get approval for the production of hemp in 2020.