Nintendo is planning to release a Smaller Switch at lower cost

At the cost of some features

According to Japanese Daily Nikkei report, Nintendo is going to develop a smaller, but cheaper version of Nintendo Switch console. However, the rumored about switch will focus on its portability, and it will come with some features compared to original standard Nintendo Switch, which definitely bring the price down. But it’s not yet confirmed what those features might be removed.

Small Nintendo Switch is coming

Nintendo Everything says that Nintendo has started developing with several suppliers and video game development companies, acknowledging them that the console could be launched as early as 2019. The report also reveals the plan of Nintendo to release a new service targeted at game enthusiasts ready to pay more.

Some features will be removed

Some rumors as to which features will be eliminated might be the console dock, which would live up according to the report’s suggestion that the new console will be more responsive, portable, and definitely easier to use outdoors. In another hand, losing the cartridge slot could also be possible, as Nintendo is trying to place more emphasis on DLC packs and also its online service, but at this time or point, it’s all about speculation.

Get ready to grab one

Furthermore, despite its last quarter beings its best for Nintendo Switch Sales, Nintendo successfully cut its sales for the console from up to twenty million down to seventeen million units for this year. In another word, launching the cheaper switch model could assist Nintendo to make up for its decreases sale in standard Switch, while introducing the console experience to those consumers who previously daunted by the $300 retail price.