Rihanna And Hassan Jameel Call It Quit Three Years After They Got Together

Rihanna And Hassan Jameel Call It Quit Three Years After They Got Together

Rihanna And Hassan Jameel Call It Quit Three Years After They Got Together

Rihanna and her boyfriend Hassan Jameel have gone their separate ways after being together for three years. The “only girl” singer and her boyfriend seem to have ended things after they became an item in 2017. Even though the public can’t tell for sure when exactly Rihanna and Jameel hit it off, many thought that the two were going to end up as man and wife considering that they kept their love life private. They were photographed together on many occasions and they looked picture perfect.

News of Rihanna’s relationship with Jameel first made headlines in 2017 when the couple was seen together in Spain. The picture started making rounds on social media and everyone was curious to know who Jameel is. Jameel was later discovered to be the Deputy President and Vice Chairman of Saudi Arabia operations of Abdul Latif Jameel, an international conglomerate business in Saudi Arabia. The business is owned by his family and has distribution rights to Toyota cars in Saudi Arabia and other countries. In 2017, Rihanna and Jameel spent some time together in London. They attended a Grammys after-party together in New York back in 2018 and were also spotted at a Los Angeles Lakers game in Los Angeles celebrating the singer’s birthday.

Rihanna didn’t talk about her romance with Jameel until June 2019 when she opened up to her Ocean 8 co-star, Sarah Paulson in Interview magazine. The 31-year-old talked about marriage, kids and falling in love with her ex-boyfriend, Hassan Jameel. She also spoke about how her relationship came first amid her busy work schedule.

“It was only recently that I began to realize that you need to create some time for yourself to stay mentally healthy. If you are not happy, you are not going to be even when you do the things that you enjoy doing. They would feel like a chore. I don’t ever want the things I love doing to feel like a chore. My career is my purpose, and it should always feel like a happy place. Speaking about her relationship with Jameel, the Fenty Beauty founder said: I got into a new relationship (with Jameel) and it matters to me. I told myself that I need to make time for this. I have to nurture my relationship just like I nurture my business. I’ll put work on hold for two days, three days at a time. We now have the infamous personal days on my calendar and this is something new,” the singer added.

The couple was spotted in August last year with Rihanna’s mother and one of her brothers. They had dinner together at a restaurant in Santa Monica, California and this at the time was evidence that Rihanna and Jameel were quite serious. After Rihanna’s split with Chris Brown, she has been linked to a couple of stars including her longtime friend, Drake, Actor Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Ph


Hassan Jameel in 2012 married Lina Lazaar, a Tunisian art critic, art curator,and art specialist. They split in 2017 but the details of their divorce were not made public. The 31-year-old billionaire was said to have been in a relationship with supermodel Naomi Campbell before he kicked things off with Rihanna.