Trump gives thanks to Vietnam for hosting Summit with Kim

Trump gives thanks to Vietnam for hosting Summit with Kim

February 27, 2019. U.S. President Donald Trump thanked Vietnam President Nguyen Phu Trong for hosting the summit with Kim Jong Un. The US President expressed his excitement for the summit with North Korea’s Leader. The two presidents also participated in a signing ceremony, regarding trade agreements for both countries. Trump said he appreciated the commercial order by Vietnam.

   Trump has praised Vietnam and its people. He also sets Vietnam as a model for North Korea on how the economic growth and rapid development of Vietnam is a perfect example to follow.

   Trump and Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc. The Prime Minister and the U.S. President exchanged positive compliments to each other. During his arrival, Trump stated that he liked how Vietnam treated him. He also says he appreciated the hospitality of Vietnam’s people and added that Vietnam is a special place.

Trump Praises Vietnam’s Economy

Vietnam is a growing country with a rapid growth rate. Choosing Vietnam as the host for the summit is very fitting. The surge of Vietnam’s economy can also happen to North Korea if they decide to denuclearize. He said that the potential of North Korea is “Awesome” and a great opportunity; this is Trump’s statement regarding his goal to help North Korea denuclearize their country.

To note Vietnam was at war with the US during World War II, now both countries are in good terms and trading with each other. The growing relationship between the US and Vietnam has been continuing since Trump’s visit in 2017. Vietnam has had rapid growth, especially wit

h its economy.

Trump also verified that Vietnam and the US had made a lot of trade during his meeting with Vietnam’s President Nguyen Phu Trong. Both presidents attended a trade agreement and a signing ceremony for the two Vietnam airline carriers. These airline carriers are Viejet and Bamboo Airways which signed and ordered Boeing 737 max planes.