Kingdom Hearts III

What’s New In Kingdom Hearts III?

The gameplay in KHIII is very similar to how it was in Kingdom Hearts II, albeit with a much larger scope. In addition to larger areas to explore, players will now have five characters in a party at once, with two guest characters joining the trio.

Continuing from KHII, Sora the main character will be able to call upon his allies and trigger special attacks and moves. Summoning also makes a return as well that allow you to call forth famous Disney characters like Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Wreck-It-Ralph.

Kingdom Hearts III Introduce New Characters?

Kingdom Hearts III

However, Kingdom Hearts III tosses in numerous new abilities that help to bring combat to the next level. One of the new abilities is known as Attraction Flow that enables Sora to conjure up a vehicle that’s based on a famous Disneyland ride such as Splash Mountain. By taking control of these, Sora can quickly deal heavy damage to many enemies.

Another new twist is the addition of Keyblade transformations. While the previous titles had you gather a whole assortment of special keyblades, many of which referenced classic Disney films and Final Fantasy games, Kingdom Hearts III takes things further by having each weapon possess its own signature move that gives you another new skill to use in battle.