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Research Reveals A Direct Relationship Between CBD and Reduced Tremors in Parkinson’s Disease

CBD oil is one of the top alternative remedies for several conditions. This is why Google always has trending keywords like CBD for pain, CBD for anxiety, CBD oil for seizures among other things. While there are many claims about CBD’s efficiency in treating anxiety, this is the first human trial on people with Parkinson’s disease. The study revealed that taking an acute dose of CBD can help reduce tremors. These tremors typically come up when they are in stressful situations that make them feel anxious.

Thanks to the legalization of cannabis in the United States and other parts of the world, researchers have started receiving more funding allowing them to come up with new medical users of cannabidiol. One of the key reasons why cannabidiol was made legal is that it doesn’t contain any psychoactive ingredients like THC. In other words, CBD doesn’t make you high. It has amazing therapeutic and pain-relieving benefits.

According to a 2019 study, CBD is great for treating epileptic seizures when it is in its pharmaceutical grade, Epidiolex. Epidiolex is the first FDA approved cannabis-derived medication in the United States. While this drug is currently in circulation, it is sold on prescription for treating just two forms of epilepsy.

Right now, CBD is still not properly regulated. Most people peddle it with claims that it cures all ills. This is why the FDA made major moves to crack down on companies that sell CBD products with bogus health claims in 2018. The good thing is that the use of CBD for anxiety is being properly researched. For people living with Parkinson’s disease, this is good news as anxiety is one of the most frequent symptoms they have. The latest study was conducted by a group of Brazilian scientists. Daiene de Morais Fabricio, one of the authors of the paper, said that CBD directly impacts the part of the brain that causes stress and anxiety. The post was as follows;

“CBD modulates brain regions related to stress and anxiety. A neuroimaging study of healthy subjects showed that CBD reduces the effectiveness of the connection between the anterior cingulate cortex and the amygdala during the processing of stimuli that include fear-expressing facial expressions. These observations suggest that CBD may be an alternative treatment for PD and anxiety patients.”

Before now, the team conducted the same study and it revealed that CBD improved the quality of life of those living with Parkinson’s disease. There was no significant improvement in the lifestyle of those who were offered the placebo during the study. The last study the scientists conducted before this recent one revealed that even if CBD helped reduce anxiety, it didn’t improve their mot

or skills.

In the recent study which was conducted on 24 patients, a stronger connection was revealed between Parkinson’s tremor induced anxiety and stress. Each patient was given 300 milligrams of CBD oil. About 90 minutes after the CBD was administered, the patients took a test in public speaking. The public speaking test is an effective way to induce anxiety and it has been used clinically for several decades. They were able to speak without feeling too anxious because of the administration of cannabis.