Top 5 Epic Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Top 5 Epic Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Looking for some Halloween costume inspo?

Pop culture is a great place to start when it comes to dressing up for any occasion, and celebrities definitely know how to do Halloween right.

Figuring out what to wear for Halloween can be quite a daunting task each year. In recent times, it’s become competitive (all in good fun, of course) to see who can come up with the funniest, most creative, or most outrageous costume. The good news is that the idea is usually the hardest part, once you’ve got the idea down you can easily buy the costume online, or take the home-made route and piece it together yourself.

Having a hard time figuring out what to wear this Halloween? Take a page from these 5 celebrities books.

Steph Curry as Jigsaw

Who hasn’t heard of the terror-inflicting antagonist from the Saw series? Yes, Jigsaw it is. The suited man with frightening white face and curly, stringy hair who lives to torture people with his death games. This Halloween, Steph Curry dressed as jigsaw and played the role pretty well.

Top 5 Epic Celebrity Halloween Costume: Steph Curry (as Jigsaw), 2018

Riding on a small red cycle, all eyes were glued on Curry’s costume. The star nailed the Jigsaw MO sporting red marks on the white face, black eye holes, and the creepy smile.

The Rock as his alter-ego, The Hulk

It’s fitting that the Rock would choose to dress up as the Hulk, since the two share some seemingly interchangeable characteristics. The Rock had painted the Hulk-green color all over his body and looked hauntingly similar to the character he aimed to portray. The crowds were so impressed that they announced him as the best-dressed, and he took home first-prize for best celebrity Halloween costume 2012.

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FBF to when I was ready to “smash” everything in sight as the Incredible Hulk for Halloween, but then became sad because I had a f*cked up haircut. #HulkNoLike #ButHulkStillSmash

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The 40-year-old star shared his ‘Hulk’ photo on his Facebook page, and addressed himself as ‘The People’s Hulk’. The people definitely loved their “celebrity Hulk” a lot. 

Simon Pegg, the living zombie 

Halloween wouldn’t be as perfect without a touch of ghoulish dressing. Known to be one of the most popular go-to Halloween costumes, many celebrities before had dressed up as zombies before, but no one executed it as well as Simon Pegg. The star showed up to his Halloween event in a horrifyingly realistic zombie costume in 2013.

Top 5 Epic Celebrity Halloween Costume: Simon Pegg (as a zombie), 2013

It was all there, every trait to create the perfect living Zombie. The bloody paint dripping down his face and body. The yellow-toothed, Zombie-esq grin. The perfectly dead look in the eyes. Creepy. 

Heidi Klum wore the werewolf costume from Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’

The werewolf was a lady! Yes, you heard it right. The renowned German model Heidi Klum wowed her fans in Halloween, 2018, when she showed up as the werewolf from Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller.’

Top 5 Epic Celebrity Halloween Costume: Heidi Klum as a werewolf from Michael Jackson’s Thriller

 She shared all the details about the make-up and clothing behind her look on her Instagram account. She even had to use face prosthetics to achieve this realistic werewolf effect, and the results well exceeded everyone’s expectations!

Bruce Willis and Stephen J. Eads dress up as The Shining twins

Bruce Willis and Stephen J. Eads stole the internet’s heart when they dressed up as The Shining twins. They celebrated a Halloween party in Philadelphia wearing the hilarious matching doll-like costumes.

Top 5 Epic Celebrity Halloween Costume: Bruce Willis and Stephen J. Eads (as The Shining twins)

At first glance, it would have been difficult to recognize the duo even their faces were uncovered because of the long-haired wigs. The celebrity duo shared their photos and experience on Instagram accounts.