Top 5 Coolest Technology Upgrades for Your Car

Top 5 Coolest Technology Upgrades for Your Car

Consider this the realistic version of early 2000’s MTV classic, ‘Pimp-My-Ride’

Just like Xzibit, you too, can turn your beater into something more Tesla-esq.

All of the technological upgrades on this list are readily available on the market, and for the most part, are very affordable.

All 5 of these recommendations are guaranteed to make your driving experience more convenient, safer, and more enjoyable.

Alexa cloud-based voice control

Bring your virtual assistant to life simply by saying her name, “Alexa.” To use this device, you start talking into the microphone speaker. Watch as the intelligent “Alexa” effectively responds to your questions and fulfills your requests. Using your Alexa Voice Service (AVS), you can easily access its cloud-based capabilities with the support of software tools, documentation, hardware kits and AVS API’s.

This cloud-based voice service is available on third-party device manufacturers and on countless Amazon devices as well. Now, when you’re behind the wheel, you can easily do tasks hands-free, like calling your Mom, listening to your favorite playlist, and finding restaurant recommendations from the web– all by simply commanding Alexa.

Top 5 Cool Car Technology Upgrades: Alexa cloud-based voice control Spotlight: Anker Roav VIVA

B2V or “brain to vehicle” communication

B2V or, “brain to vehicle,” is bound to redefine the definition of safe-driving. With this technology, brain decoding is used to analyze, detect, and respond to your brainwaves in real time while you are driving on the road.

B2V gives you the freedom to use your full driving potential under control, and to strengthen your performance as a driver. It offers you real-time personalization with Autonomous driver mode, along with other functions. When you rule the road behind the steering wheel in manual mode, B2V predicts when your brain is planning to change movements, like pushing the acceleration pedal, or turning the steering. 

This intelligent technology can detect a driver’s discomfort on the road and thus alter the driving style or configuration. Not only that, it follows the driver’s expectations by picking up the driver’s pattern and maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles. Needless to say, this makes your driving experience safe and enjoyable.

Waze mapping and navigation

Who loves those red “traffic” lines on their map application? Probably no one, to be honest.

Sitting in traffic imposes much stress on the modern person. To help you outsmart traffic and find the most efficient route to work everyday, Waze will save the day. It is the largest community-based traffic and navigation app in the world. This free app enables drivers to alert others about road hazards, police approach or accidents in real-time.

Drivers can view and use real-time traffic updates, live maps, and detailed navigation for optimal routes using Waze. You can also find others driving to your destination and get connected with them. You can even save some money on gas by finding the station with the cheapest gas prices on your way. This savior of an app will save your precious time and patience in your daily commute.

Digital Cockpit platform

The Digital Cockpit platform is the brainchild of two companies, Samsung and HARMAN. Blessed with an IoT platform and 5G technology, it enables the users to experience a smooth and intelligent car experience.

Drivers and passengers should have devices with simple controls that will be able to connect to each other to achieve ease of use and safety measures. The Digital cockpit comes with three customizable knobs and displays, along with info-tainment. Drivers and passengers can set the knobs according to their specific preferences.

Not only for the car, The Digital Cockpit uses SmartThings and Bixby to control IoT devices even if they aren’t in the car. You can check your fridge before you reach home or start your washing machine from your car. How’s that for an impressive modern technological innovation?