Protein Shakes: Are They Necessary Or Are You Wasting Your Money?

Protein Shakes: Are They Necessary Or Are You Wasting Your Money?

Protein Shakes: Are They Necessary Or Are You Wasting Your Money?

Protein is an important micronutrient that is beneficial for people of all ages. This bodybuilding food doesn’t just help children grow, it also helps adults maintain muscle mass, repair damaged muscles and burn fat. As essential as protein is to the body, there is a limited supply in our meals. Most times, we don’t meet the required daily intake. For bodybuilders, there is a higher daily requirement. This is why protein supplements have been created to allow people to meet their daily protein needs.

Are Protein Supplements Meant For Only Body Builders?

Protein shakes and other protein supplements used to be exclusively for bodybuilders. However, almost every gym-goer now takes protein shakes. Some drink it before the workout, some drink or after a workout while some drink it before and after the workout. This is why the protein supplement industry is booming worldwide. The manufacturers and users of these supplements believe that they are essential to achieving fitness and staying fit. According to a recent study, however, this may not be the case.

A study revealed that protein supplements may not be as beneficial as these companies claim. While increasing your protein intake when you’re working out has several benefits, not everyone needs to consume a diet high in protein. Simply increasing your protein intake without putting certain variables into consideration may be catastrophic. Some of the variables you need to put into consideration are your body weight, fitness goal (gain weight or build muscle), and health. For a person who weighs 70kg who trains regularly that is trying to build muscles, and speed up workout recovery, 3.4 to 5 ounces of protein daily is the required amount. If you don’t work out regularly and you’re not trying to increase your muscle mass, 2 ounces of protein daily should do. If you consume more protein than you need and you’re not training intensely or on a caloric deficit diet, you’re going to gain fat.

Here is how it works. Each time a bodybuilder lifts weight and engages in resistance training, something called protein synthesis occurs. It is a fancy term used to describe the process through which the muscles in the body rebuild to replace the ones that were damaged during the lifting process. When you consume protein right after working out, muscle synthesis is more efficient in your body. This is why whey protein is one of the most popular forms of protein shakes. It is a fast-acting protein that is absorbed by the body as soon as it ingested.

The Verdict

When combined with a caloric deficit diet and regular workouts, protein shakes can help you lose weight. However, as long as you’re meeting and not exceeding the fault requirements of protein, it doesn’t matter if the protein you ingest comes from shakes or

whole foods.

Protein makes you feel fuller for longer. Eat at least 20 grams of protein with each meal. You’ll eat less food throughout the day when you have protein in the morning. The benefits of protein shakes are enjoyed more by bodybuilders who need fast-absorbing protein. Before you start taking protein shakes or any other supplement, make sure you talk to your doctor.