Is 2019 The Year When XRP Goes Big

The first month of 2019 has almost passed, and while the crypto space did not experience a crash like the one that ended the rally in early 2018, investors expecting a new surge were left disappointed as well. For the moment, the crypto market appears to be stable enough, with only minor volatility that does not have a particularly large impact.

Even so, the crypto community is mostly still optimistic regarding the future of digital coins, especially in the following months. Many of them are curious to see where will crypto go from here, particularly the top coins.

So far, XRP has attracted a lot of attention, as the coin still sits above Ethereum, holding the position of the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Meanwhile, the coin’s price remains relatively low, with XRP currently being valued at $0.317528 after a 0.43% increase in the last 24 hours.

XRP has also shown signs of larger stability than most other coins, with its price fluctuations being mostly minor. For the first half of January 2019, XRP price was at $0.36, and value moved up and down by only fractions of a cent. On January 10th, however, the coin dropped slightly to $0.32, which is mostly where it remains, followed by minor ups and downs.

Why might XRP go big in 2019?

While 2018 was hard on XRP, just like on any other cryptocurrency, the coin has still had quite a lot of success throughout the year. It managed to perfect its products, get listed on numerous exchanges, and enter new partnerships with banks and financial institutions around the world.

Its products are the very reason why banks, which are typically skeptical and unfriendly when it comes to crypto, are willing to work with it. The products in question — xCurrent and xRapid — were developed by XRP’s parent company, Ripple Labs. Ripple has created them with a goal of providing better, more technologically advanced solutions for sending payments.

The issue of sending payments is particularly troublesome when it comes to international payments, which tend to take hours, or even days to be processed via the technology that banks have been using so far. While this was good enough several years ago, the world has now moved on, and banks recognized that they are in need of improvement.

By joining up with Ripple, they can remain relevant, improve their payment systems, and still keep some level of control in the world that is rapidly turning towards cryptocurrencies.

Being used by banks increases the awareness and trust in the coin, and the company’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, predicted in October 2018 that 2019 would be the year when mass adoption of XRP will occur. According to him, dozens of new banks will adopt XRP and Ripple technology before 2019 ends.

By using this technology, banks will gain access to the RippleNet, which connects them with other financial institutions and provides nearly instant transactions at a low price, anywhere in the world where Ripple has established a presence.

Garlinghouse also added that Ripple is the only company that is currently having real customers, and that manages to solve some of the large and significant real-world issues.

Even so, Garlinghouse recognized that Ripple and XRP still have a long journey ahead of them before these goals can be reached. Meanwhile, XRP still needs to improve, but also wait for the crypto market to arrive to a more prosperous period.

XRP controversies

XRP is a unique coin in many ways. As mentioned, it offers higher stability, it solves real-world issues, and it has gained a lot of popularity recently. However, things were not always like that, and XRP has had its fair share of troubles, especially last year.

Due to its connection to Ripple and numerous banks around the world, many among crypto purists accused it of not be

ing a real crypto. XRP was said to be centralized, a security, and even a scam that bribed several exchanges in order to make Ripple rich by tricking investors.

As a result, the company, and even individual employees have had to face several lawsuits, most of which have failed over the course of 2018. Even so, Ripple managed to make an effort to distance itself from XRP, and prove that the coin is dacentralized.

According to them, even if Ripple were to disappear, XRP would still be able to survive, which was proof enough for a lot of investors, and which led XRP to becoming a large and respected crypto, ready to go big in the near future.