7 Types of Hemp and Marijuana Tourism in the United States

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When we think about tourism we tend to imagine white sand beaches, paradise resorts, or “Pina Coladas” while watching the sunset. Sadly, these kinds of activities are as expensive as they are ideal.

But what if I told you there was a better way to enjoy your vacations? And what if it was cheaper than the rest? Well, that’s exactly what Cannabis tourism is offering visitors from all over the world in the United States.

Hemp tourism is growing by the second and has plenty to offer. Here are some options you should consider when deciding to give Marijuana Tourism a try: 



These tours allow wine and cannabis lovers to visit California’s finest wineries as well as marijuana plantations. There, they can combine their two interests: tasting the best cannabis strains and the most exquisite wines. 


In order to achieve a “full immersion” in the cannabis culture, social groups are created. Through a membership structure, those enrolled can enjoy a variety of activities ranging from cooking classes to cannabis-induced massage. However, the most common practice consists of basically spending time with other members consuming marijuana in a relaxed and secure environment. 



This service offers the possibility of visiting several hemp plantations and dispensaries. There, people can learn about the science behind the growing process, about harvesting techniques and seasonality. People have also the possibility of buying a wide variety of strains, edibles, concentrates and more.

Most of the bus tours allow participants to partake between destinations as they have installed a glass between passengers and the driver.

4. Festivals

Hundreds of 420 friendly music festivals take place in the U.S, where people with similar interests can be found. Most of the festivals are easily distinguished because they host reggae and 420-related music groups, usually associated with the Jamaican culture.

5. Sushi & Joint Rolling Class


Whether you want to increase your skills in the kitchen or to perfect your rolling technique, the Sushi & Joint rolling class is the place to go. As the name indicates, the attendants get advice from expert sushi chefs and share tips and information about the joint-rolling process. 

6. Puff and Paint

This activity consists of going to special galleries where you can smoke cannabis and then paint your masterpieces. You are guided by painting experts to capture your deepest feeling into a canvass. There are also competitions to rank the best paintings made under the marijuana effects.

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7. Expos

There is a high number of cannabis expositions all over the U.S. country. Their main objective is to give people basic knowledge and inform about cannabis benefits, new strains, and legal status in each state. Furthermore, they give the opportunity for companies to become exhibitors, being capable of selling their products and merchandising.

Economics of Marijuana Tourism

Although it might not look like a profitable market, the interest in it is growing at an exponential rate.

Colorado Government stated that 6.5 million tourists logged nearly 18 million cannabis-use days in 2016, a clear demonstration of how the state racked up more than $5.2 billion in marijuana sales since it legalised cannabis in January 2014. 


As you can see, the hemp tourism range of activities is much more extensive than what it looks like. This is because recreational marijuana is not an “independent” activity but a complimentary one.

Any usual activity (such as cooking or painting) can be carried out in a new and different way, with a hemp/marijuana infusion!